Saturday, November 5, 2011

Manc-cents and a Few Days in Scouseland. A Musical Weekend.

Back in my loverly city o' Glasgow. Thought i'd finally get around to posting an abridged version of my weekend travels over the past month or so. First up Manchester and Liverpool. After an long bus ride through absurdly British countryside we landed in Manchester, where they speak with a Manc accent. The hostel was nice and full of friendly Aussies. We daytripped it to Lyme Park to see the site of Colin Firth and the wet blouse. He is gorgeous, it was gorgeous, I climbed a tall rock, and we were hunted by a pack of wild deer. All in all a very well rounded day. Next day we wandered the streets, jumping over puddles of Morrissey's tears. 

Then it was off to Liverpool,  and the hostel known as the Embassie. It was a real nice place run by an real nice guy named Kevin Sr. whose skiffle band beat John Lennon's in a neighborhood competition back in the day. He had loads of neat stories. We wandered by the docks, had a swell day-long Beatles tour and saw the Cavern Club, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, Mendips, and all the rest. Ate some scouse (a famous Liverpudlian stew after which the people are nicknamed, "scousers") then it was back to Glasgow town on the night bus. Here are the photos!

A lovely pond on the grounds of Lyme Park.


Recognize this?

Fall foliage.

Some well groomed shrubbery.

The manor house. Not real cozy looking.

The countryside and some neat tree branches.

I call this triumph.

A little parish church we found in the village of Disley. For real.

Manchester. No British city would be complete without a Ferris wheel. Go figure.

Manchester at dusk.

The Embassie in Liverpool.

Requisite red phone booth antics.

The massive Liverpool cathedral. 4th largest in the world.

Chinatown. We hit up a seriously good bakery here. mmmmm.

Albert dock and some lil' boaties.

My fab traveling companions Elise, Natalie and Eden puttin on their best Brit face. I like it.

Me puttin on my Brit face. Brick wall and all.

Ta Da!

Some nice red gate action.

The church and grounds where the Quarrymen played the day John and Paul met.

The telephone wires in Liverpool were of the hook. Also a lovely sunset.

The Cavern. Wish I could've seen the lads here way back when.

For comparison: George gettin down with his adorable self.

Oh ho ho. Recognize it? So cute. I die.

Me grinning like a fool in front of the Cavern. It smelled like vomit. I was still happy. 

And now for some Manchester tunes. Transmission by Joy Division. So far I don't know if Manchester has produced any happy people..... but that's okay because they've been brilliant anyway. 

One of my favorite Smiths songs. Lots of good 80's bouquet thrashing happening as well. Not sure what that is about. Morrissey looks good though. 

Everyone's favorite Liverpool lads. Some stuff from the early days that I really like. 

My favorite of all with George on vocals. Whatta sweetheart. 

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