Saturday, June 2, 2012


Well June is here, with blinding sunlight and sprinkler heads desperately working to salvage the fading green of suburban lawns. My street is rarely disturbed by cars. It is sweltering and silent, patterned only by sunlight, sycamore leaves, and occasionally bicycle spokes. I dismantled the Berkeley room and reassembled it here in Calistoga, but somehow the space still feels like highschool. Been sad lately thinking how very few pictures I have of the rooms and houses I have lived in for the past couple years. So I took some of this room.

I really missed this desk. But now I miss the roommate who gave me this mug. 

A still life I set up with some roses I picked. 

I already posted most of the drawings I did last semester, but one project managed to escape. I thought i'd put up a photo of it. It is a still life, which is really not my strongpoint, but I tried to stay true to the reference. I drew the shelf from my room in Stebbins. Re-looking at this piece mad me miss my old room and prompted the documentation of my current room. So that's that. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pencil and Paper.

Some recent studies I have done for school. Using various graphites, some water color pencil, and some india ink. The ghostly work is a portrait of my beloved cousin Kai as memory. It is a composite image I made using multiple photos. For the 3 portraits I used Hedi Slimane photos as reference.

Things Pt. 3: Deutschland

Germany was a whirlwind seen primarily through grimy bus windows, subway windows, and train windows. Berlin ( the bit I saw in 24 hours) was grey and industrial, beautiful but bleak. The kebap was sublime, as was the hanging mist. Hamburg was a Christmas market at night, and Pretty Woman played by a youth accordion orchestra, in other words brilliant. Heidenau was cozy, with family, and songs, and endless dinner, and a puppy dog. Bremen was like a postcard, tinged with sleep deprivation. Picturesque and old, old, old. Here are some photos.

Things Pt. 2: Praha

Prague was icy, and gilt and sunlit. There were blackened statues on the Charles bridge crossing the Vlatva, and the sky was violet, our hands freezing. Sausages and steaming pastry browned over the fire at the Christmas market. A woman walking a pig down the street in the afternoon. Red candles lit for sorrow and remembrance, and Kafka's name on walls and street corners. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

See All The Things pt. 1.

After dear ol' Glasgow Uni let out we packed up our bags and boarded a night sleeper bus to London. It was madness. Bleary eyed we walked to the hostel as the sun came up. After drinking all of the English breakfast tea to be found we tubed to Camden. Unfortunately there were no Noel Fielding sightings. Then on to Abbey Road, Portobello market and dinner before falling to sleep in a room of many bunks.

                                    yeah, it's backwards. But we look like $$$$ and fame anyway.

The next day it was a speed sightseeing. We saw the changing of the guard, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar square, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Harrods and Piccadilly circus. We slept for a few hours before we were walking arm in arm with exhaustion to the bus stop in the frozen darkness. Despite the extreme haste with which it was experienced London was lovely.