Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home and Away.

I have been roaming far and wide, but here are a few updates from my travels. I have been writing but that'll go up later. Still trying to catch my breath.

School  kids headed to the chip shop after school. Sauchiehall street Glasgow. 

The Glasgow Necropolis at dusk. 

English countryside and herd of deer near Disley. 

Manchester university buildings. 

Rare sunshine near the docks in Liverpool. 

Row houses in Liverpool. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scribble and Scratch.

So I have had lots of adventures. This is true. And I will of course put up more photos with endless enthusiastic commentary. But I thought I would post some artwork as that was the purpose of this endeavor to begin with. I have done this since getting here. I suppose it is not much for a month, but I was feeling rather accomplished.

I suppose inspiration was drawn from all over. Olivia's nifty use of handwritten script, tattoo shtuff, and the beauteous Dan Felton. Here is a photo of the real deal. 

It's not really the same but eh. I can deal. And now the award for the best song and dance involving a velvet crop top and corvette goes to the band Girls. This is currently my jam. Watch it. And if his swagger doesn't do it for you maybe the beautiful shots of mist shrouded SF will. 


p.s. apologies for photo quality. The lighting in my bedroom is a wee bit janky. 

Monday, October 3, 2011


Still here. Went in for a full weekend of Scottish activities. Visited Loch Lomond on a beautiful and misty afternoon, partook of sticky toffee pudding, patronized King Tut's Wah Wah hut for a bit of rock n' roll, enjoyed high tea on a rainy afternoon, discovered the drying room in my flat, drank Irn Bru, listened to a Scottish folk jam session at one of the many neighborhood pubs and found the best chippy for chips and curry sauce. T'was swell. Here are some photos.
Walled garden at Loch Lomond

Defunct castle 

It was really this green. 

The lake. Deep water and dangerous monsters. 

It was a very rosy dusk. 



No caption necessary. 

Cute back alley. 

Neato panes of glass. 

All done. 

Oh, also I ate my first pasty. That was pretty cool.