Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter That Never Was.

This is a poem for a winter that I can only imagine.


Run Down

Indebted to the dawn
They run down alleyways
Sharp, glinting
The cold snatches
Is always snatching at their hearts
But they pay no mind
They of smoke and rapid breathing
A barking, out of breath laughter
The sound of bravery
Envy that sound
It means they don’t care
It means nothing matters
Except street and sky
When you can make that sound
You will be safe forever
No longer hunted
Or bruised by leaving
Immunity by frozen city block winter
And grinning in the dark

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Misery Is The Worst Company.

Although I greatly enjoy rainy days, and sad, sad, songs I should be honest. When actually miserable, enhancing the mood is not always a good idea. That is why I am glad that I live in California where I can take photos like this in January:

and spend days at the beach with people like this:

And now for a song with a little sunshine. Courtesy of those beautiful, often bearded boys, The Avett Brothers. 

Hopefully I will have more writing up soon, writing that is not so blatantly about myself that is. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Almost Over.

So Christmas break is almost over. In honor of the city I will reluctantly be returning to, I thought I'd post a photo of it looking a bit better, maybe a bit more historic than usual.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello There.

In the New Year

Walking through winter with an orange in my pocket
Impaled with a gasp
By the whitest of mornings
I have fully left midnight
Velveteen and drunken
Tangled all in the branches behind
Gone away and I am glad
This is not cowardice
Creeping like death in the cold
It is a wind-stung
Natural when so brand new

This is the hesitant first stanza of my first poem of this still new-ish year. I mostly put it up because I want to get this thing up and running. More may follow, although possibly not. Just to clear any confusion this poem is not titled after The Walkmen song In The New Year, although they do share a title. It is a song very much worth listening to however. Give it a look right here.