Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fires in the Skies and the Streets.

Today it rained all day. There was also wind. My umbrella is going to be in recovery for a long time. Thought i'd put up a little creative recount of the this month's Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night festivities. My friends and I, along with most of the city, booked it out to Glasgow Green to watch the fireworks. Fireworks in winter are kind of a new phenomenon for me. They started going off in the streets right around daylight savings time (Glaswegians really know how to make use of the extra darkness).
I have accompanied it with photos gleaned from the Flickr account of a certain Terry Clerkson whom I thank very much. They were taken from a different location than mine but I think they are beautiful and also give a glimpse of the Gorbals. Yeah, there is a part of town called the Gorbals. Look it up.

Bonfire Night

Winter is in the grass on the Green
The cold seeps upward
Through sole and sock
All the city is out
Breathing into November’s early black
As smoke drifts
Across East End sky
And a mist hangs on the Clyde
Where reflected fireworks bloom and sparkle
Lamps light faces
And carnival music plays
Over the hush of the crowd
Hands held for warmth
But more for the fear of losing them to the night. 

Okie doke. That's pretty much it. Oh, and this song. A Scottish-Amurican alliance in music. I am all over this! AberDEEEEEEEEEN! I saw them perform this song here and it was neat. 

Aberdeen - Cage the Elephant by Guns Go Bang

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