Saturday, September 10, 2011

On A Cold and Frosty Morning.

Well well Wellington's are next on the shopping list thanks to a daily smattering of rain. Glasgow is good fun so far. Here is a photo. It is of a statue of the Duke of Wellington in city centre  jauntily sporting a traffic cone hat. Legend has it that one night this appeared on his head. City officials removed it in the morning but come the next day it was back again. This went on and on for years, the cone being replaced nightly, until they gave up. Fittingly the statue and his unorthodox head wear are stationed in front of the gallery of modern art.

Also a couple goodies from the Kinks, been listening to them a lot. It's neat to live in the UK. I feel a bit more legitimized when listening to all the many musical Brits. And although I haven't got the Thames, I've got the river Clyde, and he's got a better name anyway. Also check out the groovy sunglasses in the second video. 

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