Friday, September 16, 2011

Keep Calm and Cèilidh On.

The other day the rain and wind let up. Took a walk in the park with my camera. Everyone was so happy to be out in the sunshine, the mood was palpable. Here are some photos. Also the title of the post is from a tee shirt that I saw, which I thought was very clever.

The prettiest fountain. 

This old man just wound up in the photo. He is kind of grimacing, although this is not representative of the people I  came upon as a whole. 

A little back alley of houses I came upon. I really loved these rooftops. And chimneys.

Looking the other way. The layers of row houses are really beautiful. 

A fierce statue. 

The beautiful brown river. 

A little fellow on his way home from school. 

The park, and skatepark, and houses on the hill. 

Other news from the land of Scots. I attended my first cèilidh which was good fun, and the band was amazing. I also tried Haggis. I had the vegetarian version (scoff if you will, it was delicious and didn't make me half as nervous, although I did have a nibble of the regular kind). Progress is being made. And now for a tune! Yeah yeah I know he's Irish but this song is transcendent!

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