Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Falling Off.

So it appears I have fallen off of the bandwagon. I am struggling to get back on. Hopefully summer and my art class will help me along. In the meantime a little story-poem I wrote up a while ago. It needs more editing, as does everything I write, so I will put it up anyway.

A photo I took of a dear, lovely friend. She is blowing out a match, not smoking. I think she looks like a platinum ghost. 

Night Ghosts

While I waited across campus
For you and your three stripe sneakers
I saw two shimmering platinum ghosts
Umbrellaed by purple lantern light
They spoke in a soft hiss
With teeth of glass
And breath of smoke
I was hushed and still
But my bones trembled
They heard the trembling
And merged with shadows
Thrown on the damp asphalt
By swaying eucalyptus

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