Friday, April 29, 2011

On Saturday I was An Angel Shining Fair.

Here are some photos from a long time ago per usual. Campus in winter with a yellow theme.

 (an adorable member of the infamous gang of Berkeley squirrels.)


I posted this video for the sake of the song, The Boy Done Wrong Again by Belle and Sebastian, which is beautiful. I know nothing about the movie from which the clips are culled, except that it looks interesting, is called Boy A and it made me realize that every time I watch Andrew Garfield and think to myself that I don't like him I realize that in fact I like him a lot. Not sure where the initial distaste comes from. It's weird.


  1. How come your pictures look so professional? And that's the cutest squirrel ever. Too bad he's probably vicious and contemplated clawing at your face as you took his photo.

  2. That squirrel is not only adorably fat, it is also so close to you!