Saturday, March 5, 2011

Halfway to 40.

I wrote this about 2 weeks before my actual birthday, when I was feeling a little strange. I felt better about the event while it was actually occurring but I would say these sentiments are still valid. Anyway, I know you aren't supposed to write your own birthday poem, but I did.

Poem For My 20TH Birthday

Campus twilight chases the pinkest of airplanes
Across sunset pinched sky
February is making up its mind to March
I am making up my mind to loneliness
I will put the college age feminist cuff in my Levis
And swear you off
Swear you into oblivion
Kissing off this dusky breeze
Jump into liquid night
The 10 minute homeward stride
To lighted windows
Uphill to age 20

We could all shed tears
For a 17th year beating a hasty retreat
But we don’t
We’ll pillage the future
Before it even cracks a smile
Such are the years of the glorious inbetween

 And now for a couple songs that kept this week movin along. 

note: Yes. The first song is a cover of Mazarin. I like both versions.
I could not find a video for the We Barbarians song I really wanted to post, but every song on their new album is perfect so in the long run I decided it didn't matter.


  1. I love that we saw these guys together for the first time! But most of all I love you! It makes me feel old that I remember when you were born. I remember being excited about it. Little did I know that it was a tiny glimpse of the joy to come. I am so happy you were born. Happy Twentieth!

  2. i love the poem! can i make a typography work of it? like a poster or something, on my wall or something. or something. please?

    love: ville

    :)))))))))) = endless smiles.
    i am so glad you like the poem. it is great to get input. especially nice input.