Saturday, June 2, 2012


Well June is here, with blinding sunlight and sprinkler heads desperately working to salvage the fading green of suburban lawns. My street is rarely disturbed by cars. It is sweltering and silent, patterned only by sunlight, sycamore leaves, and occasionally bicycle spokes. I dismantled the Berkeley room and reassembled it here in Calistoga, but somehow the space still feels like highschool. Been sad lately thinking how very few pictures I have of the rooms and houses I have lived in for the past couple years. So I took some of this room.

I really missed this desk. But now I miss the roommate who gave me this mug. 

A still life I set up with some roses I picked. 

I already posted most of the drawings I did last semester, but one project managed to escape. I thought i'd put up a photo of it. It is a still life, which is really not my strongpoint, but I tried to stay true to the reference. I drew the shelf from my room in Stebbins. Re-looking at this piece mad me miss my old room and prompted the documentation of my current room. So that's that. 

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