Thursday, January 20, 2011

Misery Is The Worst Company.

Although I greatly enjoy rainy days, and sad, sad, songs I should be honest. When actually miserable, enhancing the mood is not always a good idea. That is why I am glad that I live in California where I can take photos like this in January:

and spend days at the beach with people like this:

And now for a song with a little sunshine. Courtesy of those beautiful, often bearded boys, The Avett Brothers. 

Hopefully I will have more writing up soon, writing that is not so blatantly about myself that is. 


  1. love it! been there! maybe. were i?
    i see olivia's rocking the denim vest, alright <3 !!!

    <3: ville

  2. Thanks Ville! yeah you have been there. thats almost exactly where you and Olivia went. we also drove through GuerneVille :)

  3. I love this. I love your blog. It is simple and poignant. Just one complaint, where was I when you were having fun at the beach?

  4. well my dear, you were probably at an agonizingly long rehearsal for Annie. we missed you, but you were so wonderful it was worth it!